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Would like some info about the Q70L - considering buying


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I've started researching cars that I feel would be good prospects for replacing my '95 Buick Riviera, which I bought new and still drive. Back in the day, the Riv was Buick's top-of-the-line in the luxury class, and so I'd like to stay with something in a similar class of sedan. As much as I still like the Riv in many ways, it really seems unfortunate to not take advantage of some of the latest features- many of which (back-up camera, CarPlay / Navigational screens, etc.) have been around for probably several years by now.

I've come across the Q70L and like what I'm seeing so far, but I would like some general feedback from owners or those who have experience with the car. Particularly, I'd like to know about the "intelligent AWD" system. Where I live - in a rural area with a fairly steep hill to get to my house - I need something that works in adverse weather conditions. Our old cars were RWD and I would not want one again. The Riviera is FWD. Our '97 Jeep is AWD. So I guess my question boils down to whether or not this "intelligent" system reacts immediately to any slippery conditions and, if so, how well. My concern is that, from what I read, the Q70L is basically listed as being RWD.

I also find it odd and disappointing that the car's fuel rating is only 18/24 - less than my Riviera - and yet takes premium unleaded. I was hoping that by moving into the 21st century with a new car purchase I'd find something that is more, rather than less energy efficient, without necessarily looking into a hybrid.

Any info at all about this car - the handling, quietness, overall performance, durability, and such - would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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You know how bad the winters get in Chicago, right? But my Q70L AWD is not afraid. Doesn't matter how much snow is on the ground - I know I can get to wherever I am going.

2015 Q70L AWD, 40k miles