Vibration at 50, gone at 60.


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first, please don’t throw me out by the closest car to mine in America is the j30. I have a JDM Nissan Gloria Brougham y32 with a vg30de.

at 45-50mph it vibrates. It feels like it’s in the rear; it is literally like deep bass from 2 12” subwoofers... a vibration not a shake or a shinny. At 60, it’s gone, at 70-90 you’ve forgotten it’s even an issue. Slow down to 50 and it comes back.

tires aren’t cupped but they are old and probly sat for years in Japan. Nothing feels loose.

The Gloria is your standard front engine rear drive with independent rear suspension. Again, most similar to a j30, which is actually a Nissan leopard

thanks and please don’t toss me out