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Trapped in this lease!


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Sep 14, 2021
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I leased a qx50 recently. I contacted the dealership within a couple of days and they wouldn’t help me. I have the Essential w Conv pkg. I have a lot of back and neck issues. While the car was comfortable on the test drive, after a couple of hours of driving it, I was in pain. I’ve adjusted the seats every possible way but no matter what I do, I’m in pain or too close to the steering wheel and/or my feet are too far from the pedals. I’m not tall but I’m not that short. Yet, I cannot rest my heel on the floor to operate the brake. I get pain down my right leg after a couple of hours in the car. In other positions, I cannot see the turn signals or gauges, as the steering wheel blocks them, due to the position that I have to use. Ergonomically, this car just doesn’t work for me.
I was told that it is not possible to sell the car to an individual OR to any dealerships that are NOT Nissan or Infiniti, which does me no good.
if someone takes over the lease, I am still responsible and my credit isat Risk. I cannot figure out what would compel anybody to make the payments under those circumstances. Once the car is signed over to someone else, I’m still responsible?! So, basically, Infiniti has me completely trapped in a car that I cannot drive! I don’t know what to do!