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Transmission and RPM


New member
los angeles
Hi all,
Just bought a JG35.

My problem is on normal mode, the car start in first gear and moves on to 2nd and then to 3rd very quickly. It feels like the car is going to stall. Once I accelerate, it picks up again and power is there.
Called the dealer and was told the car has a Variable Transmission and this is normal. IT DOES NOT FEEL NORMAL TO ME....

While the car is not moving in P or, D gear. The RPM fluctuates between 100 to 500 at times. Again, this does not feel normal to me. All the cars I had in the past was with no movement on the PRM.
Spoke with the dealer and was told this is normal and should fluctuate when the A/C is on. It does this to me with either A/C on or Off.

Infiniti is new to me. I always had Lexus or Toyota. Any feed back is highly appreciated.