Towing with QX56


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I have been towing a 5800 lbs TT with my 2011 QX56 for about an year now. No issues except few annoyances. If anyone else is towing with their QX56 or QX80, I'm looking for suggestions on what accessories you added or upgrades you made to make your towing experience better.

Here are few things I added or use for towing:
  • Installed a Reese Towpower brake controller
  • Use clip-on towing mirrors - pain to setup every time
  • Use WD hitch for towing - works great, no sway unless it's super windy

  • Lack of built-in towing mirrors
  • Backup camera resolution not good and attaching/aligning is a pain
  • Fuel economy when towing (or otherwise) sucks
  • Not sure what the TOW mode does

Appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks.


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Los Angeles
“Tow” mode is described in the operators manual. It basically just delays the shift points so as not to disrupt the load when the car shifts gears. Ive used “tow mode” once or twice when regular driving because of how it delays shifting.

Petrol economy — well its a heavy car with a v8 and 5.6l engine, its not going to be conservative with petrol, and especially with a load in the rear... :)

Nothing can be done with cam resolution or tow mirrors. Some have added some 3rd party mirrors that attach to the oem mirror.


I tow a 22' enclosed V front ATV trailer with my 2011 QX56. I'm ok with the mirrors as I can see fine. I did get a Tekonsha brake controller and I use an Andersen Sway controller. The sway control is the best thing I bought for towing. Dreaded semi trucks and the wind buffet. Now, no worries. Gas mileage really sucks towing anything! I get around 10-11MPG when towing. With the way the gas gauge reads I start to get range anxiety after 150 miles. Makes for lots of Would love a diesel version of the Q. With a full tank of gas the Q is a pleasure to tow anything and has lots of power to do it.