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Thinking of buying a 2002 Q45 w/145,000 miles


New member
Dealer has 1 2002 Q45 for sale with 140,000 miles on it. He wants $5100.

http://www.dfwcarnetwork.com/vehicle-de ... 606045a8e/

I once owned a 1990 Q45, and the transmission woes were a nightmare.

What do I need to look for with this car? I also worry about parts availability. What are the issues with this vehicle? I owned a 1990 Q a few years ago and had a lot of problems with it, even though it was low miles. I don't want to go through that again. Transmission went out 3 times.

The car has this equipment

backup camera
premium audio
heated seats
memory seats
mirrors pivot when reversing
Fog lights
upgraded suspension w/switch to sport mode

Sounds like a lot to go wrong :)



New member
I own an 04 which is the same car, the issues Ive had were suspension issues, sound system failure and the hydraulic clutch radiator fan going out. Its a great car but parts are hard to find & expensive when something does go wrong