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Strange Noise -- Morning time


New member
Hi All !

I'm a bit in a desperate mode as I've been having issues with my 2015 Q50 that are getting worse by the day. Here is the timeline of events which may or may not be related.

1 - About 2 weeks ago I replaced the 2 air filters, cabin filter, and brake pads
2 - During the filter replacement, I noticed both boxes where the air filters rest were not closing properly.
3 - Days later I began having issues in the morning where the car would hesitate for a moment while going around 20-30 mph. Later it was fine and that was all.
4 - Progressively the car started making a strange noise in the morning and the hesitation/lagging got bigger. Now I need to drive the car for about 15 min before it goes back to normal
5 - No warning lights are showing up.
6 - I took the car to 2 mechanics, but their computer did not detect anything wrong.

Someone told me it could be a vacuum leak. Others tell me it could be Mass Flow Sensor or the Ignition coil packs causing a misfire.

Can anyone please help me out by pointing me in the right direction? I will truly appreciate your comments.

The following video shows the engine and demonstrates the noise it makes.