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slow starting A/C on QX4


New member
Tampa FL
I have a 2001 QX4 and the A/C worked okay until recently. Now, it does work, but takes 8-9 minutes to start cooling. I took it to my Infiniti dealer, and he swears it is 46 degrees within 3 minutes. When I picked it up from the dealer, after they said it was working fine, I put the vent in my face, and felt the difference, once again, right about 8-9 minutes. At that time, it got cold enough I had to turn it down within minutes. Has anyone else experienced this issue? There are only 2 Infiniti dealers in Tampa, and I hate the one I have gone to says everything is okay. I am about an hour away from both, and the only thing I can think of is dropping it off, then going back down the next morning to have them show me it is cooling, which it is not. But being 50 minutes away, each way, that is really more than I should have to do. Sorry for the long note, but really need help. Thanks.