Should I buy a 2011 G37x coupe


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Hey guys i’m in the market for a new car and have looked at almost every model car imaginable, but as far as luxury brands the only vehicle that has caught my eye is the G37 coupe. I was just wondering about common problems and how owners feel about this car. Any response would be extremely appreciated!
I had a Nissan 350Z for many years and miles, it was fun, reliable, and a head turner.
I wish it had a back seat, AWD, and was a bit more luxurious....
Oh Wait.. The G37X is just that..

If it we're me I do it ! Can't go wrong. It has already depreciated, and will last forever.

I got the more off the ground version of the G37X recently, a '16 QX50 AWD.

Can't speak highly enough about the quality, 325 HP, and fun factor all whilst still having a luxury branded vehicle that is low cost to maintain and own.