second gen G35 clutch issues


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Mar 8, 2022
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Hey guys, having some issues with my drivetrain, I believe it is clutch related but not totally sure.
Abnormal sounds occasionally made when I shift gears

Shifting can feel stuttery at times, feels like connection from pedal to clutch is deteriorating

First gear sometimes very hard to shift into, often have to put it in 2nd and then into first

up Shifting at lower RPM’s can cause some weird sounds

Every time I start up the car, when I begin to move and reach roughly around 1800-2000 rpm’s (doesn’t matter if it is a cold start or not) a decently loud sound is made and then I do not hear it again until I start the car again and repeat the same process

clutch does not feel as sharp as it should,

Thinking it is the slave cylinder but could be wrong. Anyone have suggestions, recommendations or can further potentially diagnose these issues? I currently am in a location where I am forbidden to do any kind of mechanical work on my car at the premises where I reside so a shop is unfortunately the only option. I do not currently have the time to deal with the issue on my own so some suggestions would be great. LMK asap since I have some long drives ahead.