Running lights issue


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Hi guys - first time infiniti owner, and first post! I did search but couldn't find anything , apologies if this has been asked and answered..

So... I took delivery of my brand new Q30 2 months ago. Its been great, and i love it.

This week however, I have noticed... not so much a fault, as a irritation / problem.

For the last 2 months, (regardless of lighting conditions) whenever i lock or unlock the car, the indicators flash and the front LED running lights would come on. This looks great and I love the fact that in the dark, when you unlock, the entire area around you lights up. Likewise when locking up, the lights stay on long enough for me to unlock the house door etc. This is how i believe the feature is supposed to work. Even in the day its cool, the car looks awesome when you unlock / lock.

This week, the feature has topped working. The running lights now ONLY come on when the engine is started. When locking and unlocking, the indicators flash but no running lights.

Within the dash controls, there is a option for "surround lighting" this is ON, but in any case i think its only relevant to the small, in mirror lights that illuminate the doors. I have reset the car to factory defaults, and tried using the other key. No joy...

Has anyone else come across this, and does anyone have a fix? My nearest dealer is a 2 hour drive away, and I don't fancy my changes with phone support....FYI its the 1.5d manual 6speed.

Thanks in anticipation!



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Hey Andy

Automobile manufacturers install numerous lights in the vehicle for a better driving experience. There are usually LED lights on dashboard for alerts. Some lights are for normal alerts while others require immediate reaction. These lights make the driver aware of something wrong in the vehicle. The light starts to blink continuously to get attention. The cars have red, orange, and white color lights for different purposes. A red light blinking in car works as the security indicator. It is the emergency alarm light that keeps the vehicle safe from theft.

Jeredi, Fredericksburg