Rough idle and gas smell in cabin and poor MPGs G35 07-08/ G37 sedan


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May 12, 2022
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Hello I bought my car with a p0014 code and changed both my upstream o2 sensors as well as my vvt solenoids for both banks. The car had a weird smell of gas in the cabin now and then but i thought it was running rich due to the p0014. I also changed my sparkplugs and coils just in case, as well as new air filters. Now i dont have any codes however i still feel the smell of gas inside the cabin. ***When i say gas i mean like a gas or oil smell like if the car is running rich type smell*** and the car is getting poor mpg im getting 12 mpg in city and 16 in the highway.
So I went and checked for any vacuum leak i found a few minor ones but nothing crazy. I constantly check my oil level and no theres no leak.
So now im stuck here maybe some of you guys have any advice for me. This has been driving me crazy and what innitially was supposed to be a project is now an enigma that i cant solve.
Thank you and god bless