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Rim Bolt Pattern


New member

Our QX30 AWD is on order and it should be here in 2/3 weeks. Just bought Michelin X-Ice Xi3 snow tires - Stock Size (235/50/18) today and was wondering if the rim bolt pattern is 5x114.3 (Infiniti) or 5x112 (M-B) Dealer does not know, but tells me he will check it out (he would like to sell me Rims/Tires and TPMS for $2400+taxes CDN$ but he will throw in the install ;-) - a little steep for me). After some of the info the dealer has told me I have a better chance of getting the correct info from this forum.

Tire Rack does not have any info on the QX30 as well as many other sites do not show the QX30. Some show 5x114.3 well others show 5x112 ie. Costco with Velox.

I'm in Canada and have been to both Canadian Tire and Kal Tire - the largest tire companies in Canada and they do not have it in their databases either.

Thanks so much,