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HOW INFINITI AND NISSAN IS DISHONEST: I purchased my 2015 Infiniti q50 with 32,000 miles under the factory powertrain warranty. A few months after buying my Infiniti q50, my local Infiniti dealer informs me I need a new engine that will cost $19,000. Expecting my powertrain warranty will take care of replacing the faulty engine. Infiniti claims, due to lack of maintenance records they will not replace my engine that has 32,000 miles. I research my Infiniti q50 records and find out it was previously leased. At the end of any lease by Infiniti, it is required that the leased vehicle has an inspection. Infiniti never inspected my q50. If Infiniti did the required inspection, they would have found that my q50 needed a new engine. Infiniti took my q50 in without the required inspection and sent it to auction. Infiniti does not care that my car looks brand new and every time people see me start my q50 they are losing money because it shoots out a huge smoke cloud.


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Hello. I understand you feel you have been misled by Nissan, but please do not spam the forum. Since this post is more so you sharing your frustrations with Nissan, we will leave it here in the lounge.

I am sure you are messaging every Nissan forum on the internet so I wish you the success you are seeking. All car makers are not perfect, and I've seen similar posts such as yours for other brand cars. Not everyone will agree with, or have similar experiences as you (I've had 2 Armadas and a 2012 Qx56 and had ZERO issues with them or with Nissan) or I, but it is unfortunate when someone has a bad experience with a car maker.


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Hey Just letting you know I'm not spamming or whatever, I am informing past and potential buyers of what they can expect from Infiniti/ Nissan and infiniti Financial/ Nissan Financial. This is the evidence I have found that Infiniti is not recognizing.

Infiniti financial owns any Infiniti during a lease. Infiniti financial is also who is required to make sure that AIM, which is the company that does there inspections, and Infiniti did not do this. The dealer has no obligation to making sure Infiniti financial does what they are required. AIM is suppose to inspect the car before the lessee turns in the vehicle that way the leaser is liable for any neglect done to the vehicle. They did not inspect the car to hold the lessee liable for the engine damage.


Examples of Chargeable Excess Wear Engine or Mechanical Damage Mechanical, electrical or engine damage due to failure to maintain the vehicle in accordance with the owner’s manual or maintenance schedule, including but not limited to damage caused by oil gelling or solidifying in the engine housing, more commonly referred to as sludge. Because oil sludge damage is not always readily ascertainable through a visual inspection, IFS reserves the right to maintain a claim for engine damage caused by sludge, subsequent to the lease termination, if this condition is not discovered until then.