Q30 2020 - noise and metal feel coming from the gas pedal at 40 km/h


New member

Once in each new drive (switch off, switch on) i'm having this crunch feeling coming from the gas pedal for a second (like something metal) + noise from the driver area.
This issue happens only one time at 40 km/h (approximately) and never happens again at the same drive.
It will happen every drive, even if i drove 100 km, turned off the car and turned it on again.

If i'm driving slowly the feeling and noise is a bit harder than driving quickly.

what id did so fat:
1. turning off everything i can like: auto engine off, parking sensors, lane alert, acoustic noise cancellation, ESP, emergency brake and more.
2. Tried to drive with manual and sport mode - the same.
2. Went to my local dealer and the say that they cant see something strange and its ok and they don't know what it it.

This is pretty disturbing and i would love to know if anyone has the same issue or if someone knows what is it and if there is something to do about it?