Power seats with seat control module


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This is an updated request for any information related to my question over a year ago. I have a set of seats out of a 2005 QX56 and do NOT have this vehicle. I can easily find the power and ground to test the passenger seat. Since the driver seat has the driver seat control module, I am having difficulty identifying power (to seat motors) on the output of this module. I don't need any memory function - just seat movement. I have downloaded all available diagrams and sources to try to identify color codes and/or pinouts unsuccessfully. Calls to Infiniti/Nissan dealers was futile. These seats obviously were checked on a production line BEFORE installation into a vehicle, so I have to assume power (applied to correct wires) can actuate the seat regardless of the seat control module. Although I'm posting to the QX56 forum, I suspect information would be same across other Infiniti models of this vintage.