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Play music via Bluetooth connection on QX56


New member
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and just bought a 2006 Infiniti QX56, I was able to pair my phone with the standard bluetooth in the SUV, but I am not sure how to play music using the connection.

I have a 2010 lexus that lets me play music using bluetooth connectivity to my phone. Is this not the same for the QX56, or is there a workaround shared around the community.

I did read someone suggested connecting phone audio via the DVD player. If I can't play via the native bluetooth connecion - I am not opposed to buying a bluetooth adapter for the dvd AV ports.

Thoughts and opinions? Is anyone here able to play music via native bluetooth?

Any assistance would be much appreciated


New member

Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, but do have a question....hope I don't hijack your thread.

You have 2006, I have a 2005. Assume Bluetooth came available beginning in 2006? I don't see Bluetooth as an option for me...I have to use Aux through the DVD player....


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Los Angeles
the bluetooth protocol in those model years only allows for voice calls only (hands free mode) not music.

if you dont see BT as an option, then you don't have it and in the 2005 i am fairly certain you will not be able to play music using BT.