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Parting out 2000 i30


New member
I recently purchased a 2000 i30 that was in a minor front end collision. I planned on fixing it and selling it, but due to a new job I will have little time to put in to it and resale at this point is too low to justify buying a new hood, bumper cover, radiator, and headlights. I also found out that the Bose stereo has an issue with the volume control so there's more $$$. Basically, I am going to scrap it, but before I take it to the junk yard, I would like to sell what parts other people can use. Cheaply. REAL cheaply. So if anyone needs some parts from a 2000 i30, please contact me! Car has 153,000 miles on it. Everything else is in good shape. Engine ran great and I already put brand new plugs in it. I have a brand new radiator support too that hasn't been welded in yet. If you are interested in ANY part that I may have, I will be happy to give you a price you can't beat. I have a clear title, not salvaged, also, if you are interested in making a deal on the whole car.

Also, if there is another forum you might know about where I could make this known, please let me know. Thanks!