P0113 Intake Air Temperature circuit high


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My SUV has this code. Cold, key on engine off, the Toque app says coolant temp was 70 but the IAT is 95. The 95 degree F goes down if I turn on the engine, but not same as outside air temp.

At 70, the resistant between pin 5 and 6 of the MAF is 2 Kohm (77 degree 1.8 to 2.2 kohm). That appears to be within specs.

The voltage (key on, engine off) between connector's pin 5 and ground is 4.84 volt.

Is this volt too low or within spec of (5volt?).

The voltage of the ambient temp sensor to ground (different circuit I believe) is also about 4.84 volt.

The service manual says check the 3 ground wires. 2 under the dash panel and 1 near the blower motor (I suppose is near the glove box).

Can you one please give me some direction here?

Is the above voltage (4.85 v) within spec?

How do I access these ground wires without remove the instrument panel? I am thinking of only removing the panel directly below the steering column. Am I going the right path?