O/D or transmission prob on a 2001 G20. need help.


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I have just changed my alternator and tps in my 2001 g20. The check engine light is still on and the code is reading that it is the tps. Guy at auto advance says i have to run it 100,000 before it comes off. That is the only code i am getting from the check engine light. BUT now my gears doesn't shift out as they should, it seems like its missing the first to gears i believe and revving too high when its suppose to shift to the next gear. Upon changing out the tps the O/D light was flashing on the dash. Probably a code of some sort but it hasn't came back on since i drove the car home. Im not sure what the problem may be know. Whether it is the O/D mechanism that is causing the problem or transmission. Any suggestions?