No Key message...My FIX.


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I have gotten the "no key" message on 3 different occasions. It wasn't until the 3rd time I grouped the conditions of all three and found something consistent. Each time this was happening I knew the batteries where good and the odds of something going wrong with 2 remotes were low. I came to the conclusion that it was the weather, raining, foggy...and in two of these situations I had the window down when the rain had stopped or was slow. So what I did the third time when the car did fine at lunch. While working it poured and at 2:00pm break I found that this disabled the car again. So I stuck a small fan in the floor board of the drivers seat and left it until 6:00pm. The car did fine at 6, it rained until 10:00pm and I went out and tried to start it to no prevail. I stuck a small space heater (fan forced) in the floor board and it started in the morning. What I have done since then is buy some DAMP RID and put it in a different bag so it would fit (poke holes in it) and put as much as I could around the module behind the kick panel of the drivers side. No message so far and I have been in several rain storms.