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Good Evening, All,
I have been lurking and reading the G area forum. I decided to post an intro in prep for my myriad of questions to come. I live in the Austin, Texas area. I will be getting in the market for a new-to-me car (I always buy used). I am interested in a G35/37. I am leaning more towards a G37. My price range is $18K-$24K. I have been looking at several different cars including:
* Lexus IS250
* Volvo C30
* Mazdaspeed3
* Infiniti G35/37

I am an ok "shade tree" mechanic. I can easily do basic maintenance myself. I can do decent trouble shooting as well (ODBII reader, stout tool box, FLUKE Multimeter, and a BSEE degree). Heck, I do a great deal of work on my 944 turbo and, yes, I do catch myself swearing at Germans often, right up until I get her out on a nice twisty piece of road.

I have always liked the Maxima, but I am quite impressed with the G series. I would consider the Lexuses (what do you call plural Lexus?) to be damned reliable cars with many well over 200,000 miles with minimal issues. However, the 250 is BORING as hell to drive (even Consumer reports called them uninspiring). The Volvo is fun and reliable. The Speed3 is a true hooligan and Mazda seem to last as well. Just not real thrilled with the torque steer.

So, what am I looking for? I am the type that tends to buy a car and drive it until the wheels fall off. I look for a car that is engaging to drive. But, at the old fart stage of life, creature comforts are nice too. I am looking for a RELIABLE car, one that will last with regular maintenance (I got a 1989 Ford Escort GT to make it to a tad over 236,000 miles). Everything I read on the G's just makes me think I need to really look into them far more. So, here I am with a ton of questions to come; starting with...... just how reliable are the G35/37s?

Thanks for the patience of reading through my ramble if you got to here.

1987 Porsche 951 - the project car
1999 Ford Contour - the "I refuse to die" car
2000 Honda VFR800 - the grin machine
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