New here and have a issue (fx35 05)


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I was driving down the road and car starts to miss(dang)
Take to a shop get a p0300
They say coil 1 and 6 are messed up and replace them car drives and runs fine for a hour.
At a stoplight car starts missing again
Coil 1 is smoking
Take back to shop they say its a faulty ground and replace it
Coil replaced again and go ahead and replace them all
Starts smoking again
Now they are,saying it's possibly my ecu...
Anyone seen anything like this?
And you are sure that the same P0300 code is the current and only code being thrown?

Have you ever had the headcover gaskets replaced? They are notorious for leaking on these engines. The oil leaks into the coil plug cavity, which in turn causes the coil to overheat and fail. But I can't imagine that would cause such an immediate failure. Could the coil plug have been damaged when the coil pack was replaced?