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Need G37 Buyer Advice!!!


New member

I found a 2011 G37xS with 88,000 miles at a great price, and I really want it. For any owners of G sedans, I'd like your advice considering the following:
  • It has somewhat high mileage for a car I'd like to have for at least five years
  • I'm a recent college graduate (with no debt and a decent job)
  • I just turned 21 and this will be my first car that I buy
  • I'm transitioning from a 2005 Honda Element

With just those points to consider, what would you do? How would you feel if your kids were making the decision?


New member
The G's a far cry from the Element. Like any car, you need to be comfortable that the previous owner(s) kept up the maintenance. If they maintained it at the dealer the Infiniti service center can look up the service history of the car. If they didn't you will be lucky if they kept all receipts from their mechanic showing the work done and when. Like any other used car, wear and new parts and labor to install become things to budget for if the work hadn't been done already. Expensive wear and replace items include the water pump, transmission rebuild, alternator, radiator, brakes -rotor resurfacing/pad replacement, worn suspension replacement - shocks, tires. These are on top of regular tuneups, wheel alignments, fluid flush & filter replacements. How soon these wear out also depends on how hard or gentle the car was driven. If the car wasn't driven hard and serviced regularly it could go five years with routine fuss. Having a mechanic inspect it can help with determining use and wear and maintenance upkeep. Otherwise, make sure to budget for replacements.
Good advice, Lancelot. If I were a college student I'd just make sure I have something in savings for if/when something unexpected comes up. Getting the service history is a great idea as the way it was maintained will be a good predictor of things to come...