Melting smell and specialty parts and faulty alternators


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Nov 19, 2021
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I have a 94 Infiniti Q45 this car is going to be the death of me all the parts that I have to get I have to go through an extensive search for them it's almost impossible anyway I was trying to jump start my battery and got the cables switch by pure accident and I took it off immediately but I smelled burning burning sensation coming out out of battery so I took out the old battery put in a new battery but I could still smell burning what could it be??? Also does these cars have a defect in the alternators because I've put two alternators in and now it needs another one I just put one in a month ago what's going on with it?? Please help I'm very frustrated with my car I may be your girl but I know how to work on cars been doing it since I was a little girl but this car it's got me way frustrated I want to drive it off in the river I've wanted this car really bad I love the motor and it's a V8 it's a great card don't get me wrong it's just trying to find parts some of them I have to fabricate it's ridiculous and if anybody could tell me where I could get a inline battery fuse for the positive I had to cut off for the last fuse work because it broke and I can't seem to find the fuse that goes on the positive wires on the battery?? Is there anybody that can give me a clue on where I can find specialty parts for this car