Keys locked inside


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Galt, CA
Hello first time posting on here and hoping for some help.
We bought our daughter a used 2003 G35 sedan and she called me today saying that she locked her keys in the car. When we bought the vehicle from the dealership they only had one key/remote. I stopped at an infiniti dealer and they cut me a mechanical key which they said would unlock the door. The key enters the lock fine and turns counter clockwise and I can hear a sound coming from the back passenger side of the car almost like the gas latch releasing but the doors aren't unlocking. I'm not sure what the problem is, i'm going to call the dealership tomorrow to talk to them about the key they cut me and see if they have any suggestions. And then if necessary call AAA to come and open the door but thought I would try these forums first.

Hopefully there is someone here who has a suggestion.