JX 35 Jerks/shakes on acceleration


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Dec 18, 2019
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Hello friends,

Just recently during the thanksgiving I visited my family and had to drive good 10 hours to my destination. Just prior to my road trip I had my oil change done and I also changed the spark plugs (as recommended) as I was well past 100K miles.

So this is what happened during my journey - suddenly the vehicle began to jerk/shake on the highway and no matter what speed I was on. I decided to stop, give a break to the system and try driving again (as I was in the middle of nowhere)...no problem, it worked and I reached my destination that day. I checked with a nearby mechanic and he said it could be because of the altitude (Colorado) and it was normal for many vehicles. Same thing however happened again on my way back home (after a few days of zero trouble). I stopped on the way and checked with another mechanic near the highway and he diagnosed it as Cylinder -2 misfire based on diagnostic code and said it was safe to drive back home but not to throttle too hard- I kept at 60 mph and reached home. I took to the dealership upon my return and they said that the failure codes were now reset and that they couldn't find anything faulty.

I've driven over 2K miles since that incident...no issues thus far. But since I am planning another road trip with my family I want to play safe.

Anyone experienced something similar with JX35? Any remedy or insights on the problem, since dealership couldn't confirm anything...