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Introducing SparkPlugs.com Rewards!


New member

SparkPlugs.com customers have been a great help when we've asked for assistance in improving the SPC experience. We want to reward your continued willingness to help us improve, so we're launching a new rewards program. SPC Bucks provides you with an opportunity to be rewarded for participating in the SPC community!

How Does the Reward Program Work?
A current list of Reward Opportunities, or RewardOpps will be maintained here:


Each RewardOpp has a value attached to it. We could reward you for each individual reward opportunity, but, as some of you know, you can only use 1 reward or discount code per order. SO, with SPC Bucks, you can accumulate rewards and cash them out for a big combined reward certificate! For example, if you participate in a $5 survey, and a $1 contest, and win a $50 contest, you can cash out your SPC Bucks for a $56 rewards certificate, valid at SparkPlugs.com for your next order.

How Do I Participate?
If a major contest is launched you may notified, but you should check the current list of opportunities often. Each RewardOpp has a brief explanation of the Opp, the SPC Bucks value, and a link to review the contest directions or participate in a survey.

How Do I Obtain my SPC Bucks Reward?
When you complete a RewardOpp you will be asked for your e-mail address. After you complete your first RewardOpp you will be emailed with your personal SPC Bucks ID number. That ID number and its corresponding email address will then be credited with the SPC Bucks from the RewardOpp just completed.
Please allow up to 3 business days for your SPC Bucks account to be credited.

How Do I Redeem SPC Bucks?
Once you're ready to place an order, just use your personal SPC Bucks ID number at checkout (in the discount code field) and your available reward dollars will be applied to your order