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Infiniti QX50 light bulbs replacement


New member
I have an infiniti QX50, 2015 and I need to replace the light bulbs for consistency. I have the following:

Low beam bulb (Xenon), W35, D2S (I wanna keep it as is)
High beam bulb (Halogen), W65, H9
Clearance light (I believe its Halogen), W5 (and not sure about the bulb no) as well as the front fog lights (w35).

Would it be possible to replace the high beam and clearance bulbs with Xenon? Does it require any conversion? Or it's just plug and play? I just hate having yellow lights and I want to have some consistency.

If not, what do you suggest? replace them with white Halogen? or white HID? And what brands do you recommend?

bear in mind I am a car noob. Thanks in advance for your recommendations and help.