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Infiniti JX35 transmission needs to be replaced. What would you do?


New member
My 2013 Infiniti JX 35 is now having transmissions issues. A well known issue with these CVT transmission vehicles. Mine was not included with the recall so I am screwed! I have fought with Infiniti at both the corporate and dealer level and it is a lost cause. It has 109,000 miles on it and I owe $18,000. Trade value is only $10,000. That's what two dealers have offered me so far. Current payment on the loan is $306 per month with about 65 months remaining.
The car had been having intermittent but manageable tranny problems where it might not shift into overdrive on the highway for example but I could still finish my trips and simply turn the car off, wait a minute and restart and it would go back to normal. Now in the past few days it will randomly get stuck in first gear and I can not even go over 35 MPH as the RPM's hit about 7k at 40 MPH and the car bogs down. I tried the wait and restart trick but it does not work consistently with this issue. If I let it sit overnight it seems to be fine for a awhile the next day. That could be 3 hours or 15 minutes.
Cost to replace the CVT tranny is anywhere between $3650 to $5000. No one wants to work on them, only replace them.When I looked at trading in the car for another one but a few years newer (2015) at a cost of around $24,000 the payment jumped up to $800 per month with zero out of pocket and financing in the negative equity and costs. Loan amount was about $34,000. Rate was pushing 16%.
So I am looking for some advice short of driving it off a cliff. What would you do?