Infiniti J30 intermittent crank no start, P0325, rough idle when it does start


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I picked up a cherry 1997 Infiniti J30 with 68k miles last week. The first few days she ran like a champ. On Thursday I went to start her and she cranked up like normal, ran for 2-3 seconds, sputtered and died and then wouldn't start again. Cranked fine but wouldn't fire up. Tried the next day, same thing. Giving it some gas didn't help stop the car from dying or in starting the car. There was no CEL.

I scanned her a few minutes ago and found a P0325. For kicks and giggles tried starting again. She cranked up with a little finesse on the throttle but idled somewhat rough. Interestingly, turning the AC on seemed to make her run a little smoother. Took her around the block and I feel like she was a little sluggish (but it's a new car to me and my daily has much more power so take that with a grain of salt).

FWIW, I do think the car was sitting for a while. I put a fresh tank of gas in immediately after the purchase. Only issue flagged on the PPI was leaking valve covers, which in my book is just old car shit.

From what I've read about the KS, I'd rather not wade into that repair. I've also read that on Nissans the P0325 is rarely actually the knock sensor, it just tends to throw that with other codes. Can anyone speculate as to what might be going on? Any ideas on cheap/easy potential fixes? Going in for diagnosis and timing belt next week, but if a fuel filter and can of seafoam might fix it then I'm up to try that.