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infiniti i30 help with clock?

nick j

New member
i have a infiniti i30 and i think at night the clock should glow so u can see the time but its not glowing does any one know whats wrong with it and it's a 2001 model should i check the fues if i should where is it located thankyou

C P Squared

New member
If the clock works during the day, then its not the fuse. I'd get it to a shop and have a professional check it out for you.
Thats the last thing you want to do. Pay like $100 for something that can easily be fixed. Just take a flathead screwdriver take out the vent above the clock. There you will see the screws for the navi box above the clock. Take those screws out and the whole box should come out with the clock attatched. Then there a very little screws holding the clock on. You take out those screws and you should see be able to take out the whole back of teh clock revealing the lights. The lights are like $20 each at the stealership but I got mine online for $3 ech.


New member
Los Angeles
OEM bulbs for clock and hvac

Ordered OEM bulbs from Infinitipartsusa.com after speaking with parts guy (Dan) who got me straight on all the bulb P/Ns:
For I30:
HVAC: 27545-1W600
Clock: 24860-3Y101

For I35:
HVAC: 27545-2Y010
Clock: 24860-5Y711