Infiniti FX35 outside door handle install - 10min instruction


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So, dealer quoted several hundreds for a new door handle and replacement. I saw people taking their cars to the dealers for this, and also did not see anybody explaining how easy this job is.

// 10 minutes
1. Order new part from the web, I paid 78 dollars.
2. There is no reason to remove the door liner or anything major.
3. There is a little rubber grommet inside the door, remove that plug and you will see a T30 torx screw, that torx screw connects the door handle escutcheon, ie the chromed piece next to the door handle. Now, I could not find a magnetic torx bit, and the hole is tight and there is a risk that the screw falls inside the door. What I did, I used a pincher that grabs to the base of the screw once I had loosen the screw of the escutcheon.
4. Pull out the eschucheon and then pull out the broken handle.
5. Install the new handle, push in towards the rear and then slide forward.
6. Put the esuctcheon back and tighten the screw
7. Replace the rubber grommet.

// Add another 20 if you drop the screw
If you do need to take the liner of, there is one screw under the inside door handle and two more inside the fake metallic looking part of the inside door handle. Pry it off to get access to the two screws and then just pull the liner off. There are 3 eletric plugs that you need to disconnect and the cables for the inside door handle. Then remove the plastic and try to get access to the bottom part of the door to find your screw. Stuff the top part with something so it won't fall too far when you do it again.

This is my sweet revenge for Infiniti not recalling the actuators and door handles, they are worthless and will fail on all of them


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Thank you so much for your post. Like you, I was quoted several hundred dollars to replace the door handle. I also purchased my handle on line. I bought it a couple months ago, but never had the time to fix it. I had a week when the car would be available, so I decided to work on it a little every day.

You can imagine the shock when I found your post. It took me longer to go to the store to buy a T30 Torx bit than to do the installation. The only thing that was different is that there is a plastic holder for the bolt, so you don't have to remove it from the door. It will stay in place while you do the repair. Just unscrew it from the escutcheon, so you can remove it. The screw will be in the correct place for reattaching the escutcheon after putting in the handle. (I was replacing the handle on the rear door of a 2004 FX35.)

Seriously, I think it took me about 8 minutes to do the job, and 2 minutes of that was looking at it saying, "Really? That's it??? You're kidding!" Installing windshield wiper blades is harder.

I don't know where you are located, but if you are in North Texas, I would like to buy you a 12 pack of your favorite adult beverage. :) Thanks Again.