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Infiniti EX30D code P2457 and p1525 I am asking you for tips and hints


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Hello to all motorized Infi and not only. I have a problem with my Infiniti EX30d from 2012 with 106,000 km. I bought the car with a damaged exhaust system, i.e. behind the exhaust manifold the middle insert from DPF was replaced with a new replacement, because it is not known whether the dpf was clogged and under the influence of exhaust pressure it broke the system or someone invaded something and let go, I know in any case the whole system new with a replacement from a reputable company. The exhaust pressure sensor has been replaced. The EGR valve and throttle were pulled out and cleaned to a flash (generally there was not much of this sediment or carbon deposit). After all, however, he throws errors P2457- EGR cooling system 1t and p1525-ASCD Function, and the engine runs unevenly (somehow 0.5-0.6 thousand turns slightly wavy turns). The system automatically vented, probably the car came 30 minutes and blows with warm air (I read that there are some vents but I did not find such). I noticed that the hint from the temperature rose after about 45 min (a bit strange and rather it should rise faster). At this point, I only need to check-replace the exhaust gas temperature sensors and there are probably three or four of them (one before the turbocharger and three in the exhaust system. They are not cheap toys and I would like to check them beforehand in some way to be sure that this is it. Maybe some ideas and hints, maybe someone worked on such topics, for all I will be very grateful to you.