Idle & drivability Issues !!! In need of help 2010 Infiniti M35


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Mar 7, 2021
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I currently own a 2010 infiniti m35 that has a muffler delete and thats all. Im here today because i am having rough idle issues after the vehicle is completely warmed up. I have no service engine light on. I also recently had my both my catalytic converters replaced because they were bad. I also replaced the spark plugs and coils last week. I’ve also cleaned both throttle bodies and MAF sensors last week as well.The vehicle does not idle rough every time when warmed up but when it does its bad, it surges between 500-600 rpm constantly and makes it a pain to drive because it sounds like the car wants to cut off. Also sometimes on initial press off the throttle the car revs up to around 1500 rpm and then the car finally moves, feels like a “kick”. Also while accelerating sometimes the car will accelerate steady and once it gets around 3000 rpm it’ll go into a limp mode for a quick second and pick the acceleration back up. Ive had the car taken to multiple shops and they’ve told me that the o2 sensors seem fine so I ruled that out. I have not had the vehicle looked at for exhaust leaks or fuel pressure yet. If there is anyone out there that would be able to help out that would greatly be appreciated.