I just purchased

a 1992 M30 convertible, it has 103,000 miles on it, I paid $500 for it and IMO way below what the seller couldve gotten had henot been desperate.It was sold brand new in nearby Alexandria, VA. the engine runs fine (3.oL), the tranny shifts good and no burnt fluid, the car is currently pouring coolant when the engine warms up enough for the thermostat to open, it continues this until all the coolant is out of the system, whether running or not, only way it would stop is if thermostat closed but it leaks so fast that wont happen. from what i could see water/coolant was leaking all over the bottom engine cover plastic thing, it wasn't just coming from one spot, I was curious if anyone knows if a water pump would leak at this rate? or perhaps its a heater hose? or a thermostat elbow connector? the only other problem is the left side windows won't go down, I can hear the motors humming, but the windows won't budge. would this just be a motor replacement? also there is no stereo in the car, speakers appear to be there, it looks like its a double din from the factory, so i guess just get the install kit and go with it? Thanks in advance for any help.


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could be water pump but most likely the by pass hose (an elbow intake to thermostat housing. at th mileage, i'd do waterpump, T-belt, by pass hose at the same time! im a 10yr plus nissan senior specialist. Btw, do the cam and crank seals and tensioner. the only way to save in the long run