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How do I know which brake package I have?

I have a 2016 Q70L which I bought used. I was looking at EBC for replacement pads and disks (more for fun than immediate replacement) and their catalogue lists standard and sport brake packages. I looked on NAPA's website and they're listing parts as "not for 20" wheels". I have 20" wheels. I tried looking my VIN up but have had no luck on the free look up apps that basically only tell me that my car has four doors. Is there an easy way to tell which package I have or do I have to resort to calling the stealership or popping a wheel off and measuring?

Thanks for the help


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I believe the sport brakes have infiniti written on the front calibers. Im not 100% sure, but thats my best guest. In January I picked up a 5.6 and to my surprise, my calibers look like plain brake calibers, no logo or anything. Hope this helps, or just call the service department at the dealer.