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Help w/ "Check Engine Oil At Next Refueling" on my Qx30


New member
In December the "Check Engine Oil At Next Refueling" illuminated on the instrument panel of my 2017 Qx30 Sport. The light went away when I turned the car off, but quickly returned after driving 5 minutes at around 40mph. I decided to take my car in for service, obviously. The dealer performed an oil change (I was almost due), but the light came back on as soon as I picked up the car. This time I scheduled a drop-off appointment and they performed an oil change and ran the car for an hour without the light. When I picked up the car, the light came back on. I brought back the car again. This time it needed more oil (1/2 quart). They topped it off and the light came back. This time they said not to worry about it, but I found a puddle of oil on my garage floor, so I brought it back again and they changed out the oil cap. Light still persisted. After that, the dealer gave up. I am not driving around with a check engine oil light. The light comes on every time, but I have documented two different "use cases". If I drive on the highway, I can drive for hours without the light coming on until I slow below 45mph. If I drive in the city, but stay below 40, it won't come on until I accelerate. Either way, it comes on every time. If i shut off the car (at a house or stoplight), the light goes away and won't come back on until I drive another 4-5 minutes. Has anyone experienced this issue?