Help Please!! Mechanic help needed


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Nov 28, 2015
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I have a 2001 Infiniti G20, I got a great deal on it but it came with a squeal on start up. Other than the squealing noise on startup it ran fine.
So I took it to a mechanic to figure out why it squealed and their guess was an alternator bearing..
So I had my mechanic replace the alternator and he noticed the power steering was low and leaking slightly. He also noticed the valve cover gasket leaked as well and recommended that I replace it much more immediately, which I did since it was only another $30 for gasket and sealer..
Got my car back from mechanic and it idled fine and revved ok in neutral, but as soon as it was in gear it would sputter and misfire. Any time the gas pedal is depressed more than a hair it misfires and sputters and loses power. The more the pedal is pressed, the worse it gets and the more the loss of power.
Replaced only the alternator, alternator belt, and valve cover gasket before car started acting this way.
Threw engine code of multiple misfire, and O2 sensor.
Replaced O2 sensor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and EGR valve..
Still had exact same problems of no power when load or stress on engine and pressing the gas pedal. Will rev to about 4k but no higher. Also while driving with pedal slightly engaged the cars power will suddenly cut out as well.
Checked the fuel pump, checked the fuel injectors, then cleaned them and replaced the o-rings on em, cleaned out the carbon buildup in plenthium, and rechecked almost all wiring and connections. There is a slight exposure of wire right next to the connector on the two wires that connect to the distributor, checked the wire which seems fine and attempted to cover and insulate them although they are so close to the connector they are still slightly exposed. My plan is to replace this connector and exposed wiring asap, but doubt that two slightly exposed 8gauge wires would have this affect on the car. After all that was done tho I'm still having same problems!

Someone please help!!

Any advice or stories of similar problem would definitely help me out, so if ya got an idea or anything to try please let me know!

P.s. A few guesses I've got from this point are that it's either those two wires are indeed not fully connecting. Or possible coil problems. If my ignition coil wasn't feeding enough spark to the plugs, under load it could potentially cause misfire. I cleaned the distributor cap, although it didn't help, and looked fine. In this specific car coils cannot be replaced separately and the whole distributor would have to be replaced. However I am also getting a rotten egg smell after misfires which presumably could be from a distributor problem as well since it would be dumping excess fuel into my catalytic converter which could also set off an O2 code too. . Thoughts?:

Any help would be amazing!!