Help needed!!


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Hey guys,

So I'm a first time poster and I have a question that my dealership can't/won't answer and I know that someone on here will be able to help me out.

Here goes...

I have been the proud owner of a 2008 M35x for the past 3 years, I put about 200,000km on the car and I was unbelievably happy with the performance of it.
The AWD was amazing, I couldn't get it stuck if i tried!
I like it so much that I decided to purchase a 2013 M37xS. A great choice right? Well here's where it gets interesting. The performance of the car is great, but the AWD is terrible! In the snow that we get here in Barrie it doesn't seem to ever want to go straight! The rear wheel drive is constantly pushing it sideways (sound fun I know, but now when sideways could equal my mating with a guardrail, or ditch).

My question is this, did Infiniti make some changes to the AWD system that causes the bias to be more to the rear when slipage occurs?

Why would I have such a huge difference in the feel of both cars?

The dealership keeps telling me that they are identical (other than engine size) but I know that this is not the case.

I would appreciate any advice that you guys/girls can give me in regards to this.

Thanks so much, sorry for the long first post!



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Right off the bat did you install winter tires/wheels or stock sport wheels? There is quite a difference between an 08 with 18" wheels likely AS and the AS sporty 19" wheels.