Get paid for your opinion about Infiniti M model 2012+!

SIS Research

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Hi Infiniti owners,

SIS International Research is a 30 year old market research company in Manhattan. We organize focus groups, interviews and surveys and pay people for their opinions. We always offer compensation to those who participate in our studies which are paid on the spot.

We have an interesting study that will take place on May 2 - 9. This is a car study and we are looking for people who own Infiniti M model 2012+ who wish to attend.

The compensation is between 150 - 200 dollars.

Most people who participate in our studies genuinely enjoy the experience. You are going to give your opinion about Infiniti M to an automotive company, and get paid for your opinion on the spot.

This study will be held at a facility located in Jersey City, NJ.

If you would like to be considered for this study email SIS International Research at Please provide us with the following information about yourself:

email address
Phone number
Car model
year made

SIS International Research
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