Gauge cluster and/or wiring issues


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Sep 30, 2021
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Warning: This post is a little long-winded but i don't really have time to shorten it right now

My gauge cluster doesn't work right in my 2000 infiniti i30, I think it is likely it is a ground wire, as the cluster at first worked semi-reliably, then began to not work hardly at all. It would seemingly randomly be working or not when I started the car, but for a while it would reliably either work or come back on after 10 minutes or so of driving until I started making short distance trips, and now it hasn't worked in over 2 weeks except for 1 time, which was about a week ago. And this is between 20ish 1.5 mile trips/week plus 2 longer trips of 150 miles round trip. I was looking for a wiring diagram going up to the instrument cluster but could not seem to find one. Possibly unrelated but I can hit the button to turn on cruise control and prepare to set the speed and the cruise light comes on on the dash but if i try to set the speed it does nothing. My turn signals, CEL, etc. lights still work in the dash but not the backlight, and when the gauge cluster would go out while driving the gauges freeze in place and the odometer lights up seemingly random parts of each digit of the 7 piece readout and the backlight stays on, but in the setting it went out on, it cannot be adjusted after the gauge cluster stops working.