G37 6MT owners, please chime in!


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Greetings forum!

I am considering a G37 6MT for the future and I just wanted to get some current owner feedback on how they feel about their cars.

I am most interested in your observed fuel economy, how the clutch and tranny feel, tire wear and the general overall ownership experience.

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Transmission troubles G37s 6MT

They are a fantastic car, but my white 2009 G37s 6MT has just had its second replacement transmission in only 2 years, both with the same problem, 6th gear makes a really bad noise, i hope next year it does not happen again?


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I have a G35S (07) with a 6 speed Manual
I average 22 MPG in mixed driving.
I have 240k miles and the car runs great, I would take it on a cross country trip tomorrow, it comfortable and a blast to drive.
My only complaint is the CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder), there seems to be a problem.
The CSC is inside the transmission, so it is expensive to replace.
The feel of the clutch is different than cars with a traditional Slave Cylinder, so it is a bit tricky to get used to.
If the clutch pedal doesn't come all the way back up to the normal position, after being depressed, there is a good chance that the CSC needs replaced