G35x 2008 bogging-then dieing upon take off under low rpm


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PLEASE HELP :confused: ok so here's the problem..Explained the best I can lol Only when I'm at a stop, and I press the gas and only get it up to about 1200ish rpm, if I take my foot off of the gas right after I hit that mark ( like if I'm in traffic, getting on the highway in a line of cars, and other etc city driving) the car kinda bogs and dies out, I can turn it right back on and drive like it never happened after. Here's some more info...

I can save the car from dying if I hit the gas to keep it alive.
There are no check engine lights or any other warning lights on.
It doesn't seem to happen while moving, just from take off.
My car is automatic.
I just bought it used so it might have sat a lil bit.
it also happens in reverse.
any info is greatly appreciated!


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I have a 2007 G35, I recently had a fuel pump issue.
Hope you have better luck then me, it's not the same issue but many times you just can't find a solid answer, as I learned. Anyways... My opinion is if your going to work on your own car you need a fuel test gauge, if it's not the problem it narrows it down "and" can save you some big bucks and time if it does go out. It could be a cam sensor also. There may even be better answers, but the one thing you should do is Youtube the testing procedure for whatever you plan to check. Sorry I can't give a solid answer Good luck.