G35 to 37 Door harness issues


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Nov 23, 2022
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So I got t-boned the other day in my 08 g35 hr that messed my driver side doors and I found some 2011 g37 doors the next day and bought them. So the doors fit fine and everything but I’m having issues with tne harnesses. So the front harnesses connect to eachother but when I turned the car on to check if the windows would work they didn’t nor did the speaker but then I got a weird smell of burnt plastic and when I grabbed the door handle I burned my hand because the handle was very very hot. And the back door harnesses just don’t go together. I’m assuming the hot door handle was a defrost feature or something but my question is can I splice the the head of the harness from the old doors and put it on the new ones? If so which cables go with which? Do I color match and leave the ones that don’t out? Or what? Please help