Fx 35 abs slip and vdc constantly showing


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I would Like some advice as to what is the procedure to turned lights are tash and also am I to use the OBD data Port To resolve the lights. As I have all the fluids topped and have new brakes - new tires and alignment was recently done.
I had this problem a few months back and it was the weirdest thing. I have a 2003 FX with 170k on it.

One of the two rubber stoppers on my brake pedal broke. I noticed it on the floormat one day. I also noticed my brake lights were constantly on, even with the car in park and turned off. The weird thing was that after driving for over 15 minutes, the VDC and slip lights would come on. I guess that the open sensor confused the computer. The rubber stopper part number is 46584-5P010. If you did have one break, buy two, because chances are the other will be going soon. My second one broke within two months of the first!

Also, when I was researching this issue, it seemed low brake fluid could cause VDC and slip lights to come on. If you have new brakes, that's a strong possibility.

Good Luck!