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Fuel Pump Replacement Help?


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I have a very nice 1996 J30T that is my 17 yr old daughters car that recently started occassionally jerking and faltering and feeling like it had bad fuel. Only does this intermittently but it's been ongoing now for a while. Thinking it was bad fuel I ran a bunch of stuff through it but it's still on and off today. When not doing it the car runs great. From what I've been reading this is most likely a failing fuel pump. I'm fine doing the work to replace it but have NOT done one one of the "in tank" units and am looking for advice on how to do this or anything on what else this might be. I'm also expecting that if I replace the fuel pump I should also replace the pressure regulator. Any information would be appreciated. Car is in beautiful condition with only 132K and hope to keep fr many more years.

UPDATE - I was told that the Mass Airflow Sensor also could produce these same symptoms if bad. I neglected to put in my post that the car has had a check engine light on for quite a while which I attributed to simply a mileage trip for maintenance at maybe 125K or something. I had it coded today and it notes the light was for the Mass Airflow Sensor so going with that first as MUCH easier to change. If after this the issue still persists I guess we'll know. Maybe I'll get lucky. Lesson learned is that I should have had the light coded much earlier
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