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Electrical Gremlins


New member
I Purchased a 2013 Infiniti G37 that was T-Boned on the passenger side for what I hope will be my daily driver. I replaced the two doors with ones I purchased from a parts salvage yard off a 2010 G37, which according to them are interchangeable. ( 2009 to 2013) The electrical connection plugs on the front and rear door showed no signs of trauma. Both door interior lights work and I can lock and unlock the replacement doors from the driver’s side control only. Radio speakers, power windows, and mirror apparently are not receiving any power as there is no functionality. Prior to the doors being replaced I know that the speakers in the old doors worked. I checked the fuses and didn’t find any issues with them. With all the modules in these vehicles could there be some type of a programming issue? Also, The front passenger bucket seat is presently out of the car waiting for air bag replacement, which I don't think is playing a part in the problem, but who knows. Any suggestions or ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

Sorry about initially posting in the wrong section, First time and not paying attention.