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Changing out transfer case?

Rob T

New member
Does anyone know how much of a job it is changing one out is? I got the front diff set but still have an awful rumble. I took skid plate off and found a lot of side to side play in the front output shaft on transfer case. Can I get to all the bolts without dropping down the tranny?

I got the transfer case out. It took 7 hours to pull it out. I had to unbolt cross member and drop tranny down in order to get to the top bolts. The cross exhaust pipe needs to come out,as well as unbolting passenger cat, back flange bolts so it can tip down. I removed the motors on tranny and transfer case to access room for the bolts. Of course front and back driveshafts as well. Broke three bolts off and will have to drill one out that is left in the middle section housing. I broke the 4wd switch on top of it , so I recomend pulling the switch out first.I had to drive a thin chisel on both sides to separate them because of the broken bolts being seized in and holding the top tight. I have a four post lift with rolling jack to support the tranny, and a tall tranmission jack to support and drop transfer case. will need lots of 1/2 inch drive extensions, swivel and breaker bars. My air gun couldn't break the frozen bolts free, but I was able to break them with bar.
If your reading this, Good Luck. I hope your not in a salt use area.