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Can someone tell me what is going on with this car?


New member
I don't know what is going on with my 2000 Infiniti G20. The Battery and Brake light started flashing on Monday and didn't go off, so I popped the hod to find that the Belt that went around the alternator had broke, well I got it changed. Started the car back up. The headlights were on and then both lights started flickering and stayed on. Next thing I noticed was the dash, interior and outside lights were going dimmer and dimmer. And then the Overdrive light flashed and the ABD light flashed. I turned off the headlights and it stop flashing, I then turned on the A/C and the brake and battery light started flashing and the lights went dim. I turned it off and it brightened back up. I turned the car off and couldn't turn it back on.